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We Tried the Best Café in Bophut [Koh Samui 2021]

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It can be very difficult deciding on where to eat, countless places look better than they are, and many others look terrible but taste great – what do you trust? To cut through the clutter you can use various platforms, one that we tend to put our trust in (guided, of course, by our own experiences and preferences) is Tripadvisor. So it was only natural that we tried out this Cafe, as it was rated the Best cafe in Bophut, Koh Samui, where we are currently staying.

Location of the Best Cafe in Bophut

Fisherman’s House X Sasatorn Coffee has recently changed location, and opened up a stunning place. Between rustic walls, neon signage, chrome coffee machines and cozy nooks to sit in – it looked just like the place for us.

What’s the Vibe Like in the Best Cafe in Bophut?

When we arrived we were greeted by the manager herself, who was super lovely and explained a little bit about what was on the menu. Not only do they do countless types of coffee, but they also do breakfast foods, tapas, and other savoury options. All this, alongside the mantra of being kind to others and yourself. This mantra pops up on the writings on the wall, the neon signs, as well as little quotes that you are given written down with every coffee!

Food & Drink

We wanted to try a few different options, and since we arrived around 9am we opted to try their breakfast options.

For drinks there was everything between the sun and the moon. Superfood lattes, variants of coffee on top of fun creations such as coconut smoothies and avocado smoothies, juices, and other blends.

Food wise, we were able to choose from smoothie bowls, chia puddings, pancakes, and other desserts!

We tried a handful of things, and let me tell you, one thing is more than plenty! We were absolutely filled to the brim by the time we left two hours later!

The whole experience was lovely – we enjoyed every bite, the interactivity of pouring espressos over not only drinks, but also various foods, and taking in the ambiance and cozy music. It’s something we definitely want to bring into our daily life; when in doubt, pour espresso all over it!

If you want to see what we ate & drank then take a look at our youtube video here:

Final Thoughts

All in all we would rate our experience a solid 9/10. The ambiance, service, look, feel and taste of the food and the place all came together to make a lovely experience! We would definitely go back again, and would 100% recommend it to you guys! It is on the more expensive side. However, it is on par, if not cheaper than some of the locations that are right on the beach which often offer sub par coffees. With this in mind, you definitely pay for the skill and the thought process behind each item on the menu.

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