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How to save money and get things for free whilst travelling

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It’s one thing managing to save a minor fortune to fund your travels before you go. It’s a whole differently ballgame when it comes to spending it. With the proper budgeting you can keep on track of your expenditures and ensure that you don’t overspend on anything, whilst keeping track of where you are spending the most.

Alongside keeping to your weekly, monthly, or even yearly budget, we’ve created a list of money saving travel hacks that can help you to save some money, and may even get some freebies, along the way!

1. It’s your birthday

The first money saving travel hack sounds so obvious. It’s making people aware of your birthday or even a celebration like a honeymoon or anniversary.

You’d be surprised to find out how willing people are to do that bit extra to celebrate you. Often it costs little extra for restaurants and personnel to give you something extra to make your trip or stay extra special. This obviously wouldn’t be handed out to just anyone but making people aware of your birthday or a honeymoon is a great idea to get some perks!

Some people might find this awkward, but you don’t need to ASK for anything extra. You just need to message ahead to, for example, ask if they are happy for you to spend your honeymoon in their hotel suite. Nothing else. Hopefully, they will do the rest.

2. The power of reviews

The second money saving hack is another freebie. This one is easily underestimated but can really make a big difference.

This “hack” involves using the power of a good review. Again, this is a matter of using a few simple questions to hopefully elevate your stay and elevate the mood of the hotel or hostel staff. It’s as simple as “I would like to write a great review on your hotel, would you mind if I mentioned you by name?”

OBVIOUSLY this only works if your stay is actually going well. We are by no means suggesting that you make up bogus reviews simply to try to get something out of it.

This question is likely to be music to the staff’s ears, and alongside elevating their mood and making them feel accomplished for doing a great job, it may also allow some further magic to happen. You might find that you are getting little extras here and there and maybe an extra drink on the house, once in a while.

3. Dressing for the occasion

Now, this one may apply more for shorter journeys, as comfort is VITAL on any long haul flights. Read our blog on staying comfortable on a long haul flight here.

However, when you are taking a shorter flight there are a few things you may want to consider, if you have hopes of being upgraded to a business class seat.

Firstly, it’s important to know that although these business class seats are harder to sell. Often the price difference puts people off, and many can remain unused. That’s a huge wasted potential when no one is using them, so the natural resolution would be ‘randomly’ upgrade some passengers to business class.

Here’s some criteria that may help you get upgraded:

  1. Frequent flyer programmes or platinum status with various airlines.
  2. If you’re famous (which, for most of us, isn’t the case)
  3. This one is the kicker: if you are well dressed

It’s surprising how few people know about this little trick. Get suited up and increase your chances of being upgraded.

Really, the worst that can happen is that you feel fabulous all flight in economy class and attract looks from others because you look great.

4. Taxi for one?

Gone are the ways where you have to stand by a line of taxis queueing up and pay a small fortune to get anywhere. Instead, you’re opting to rideshare apps like most others.

Well, unfortunately in some countries and cities, these are not allowed. So, you’re back at square one? Well, not quite.

Head to the departures area, here most taxis are simply dropping off, simply to drive onwards to stand in line at the arrivals area.

There is a good chance that these taxis may offer you a better rate, and it will take you far less time to grab one, as most people don’t leave the airport at the departures area. Simply by manoeuvring to a different location at the airport, you are saving money!

We hope this little list of money saving travel hacks will help you on your next trip! Take a look at our other blogs here. And, as always, if you have any suggestions or questions please drop a comment down below!

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