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Travel hacks to keep you safe whilst backpacking

Travel hacks during your trip: making this easier for you and staying safe

We love a good travel hack if it makes our lives some simple. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of saving money or making your life more comfortable, but just ensuring that you stay safe, in every sense of the word.

Therefore, we have put together a short list of travel hacks that you may normally overlook but may save you from a terrible situation. Call them plan B.

1. Do not to rely on your mobile phone or wallet

Nowadays we have most of our tickets and timetables saved on our phone. We are sure we are not alone in having minor anxiety that our phones will randomly die, or not quite make it through the whole trip, only for the ticket inspector to question whether you really had a ticket in the first place!

One way to save yourself from this situation is to print your tickets. Now, we wouldn’t recommend printing everything and each itinerary, just because it is not great for the environment and it may be somewhat unnecessary. However, double page printing the mere necessities (boarding passes and tickets to be scanned) may help if your phone (and power bank) decides to give up.

Another potential life-saver, on the topic of tickets and documents, is to scan everything in. Take a photo or a scan of all your important documents such as passports, IDs, visas, etc. Then ensure that you email these documents to yourself, other than just having them saved on your phone.

This means that if you forget your documents, lose them, or even worse, are robbed, you are able to access them to a certain degree. This will help prevent you from getting stranded at the airport or in a country.

2. Finding public toilets

Sometimes (often) when we are out and about we need the restroom. Understandably, it is something that we all need, numerous times in the day. When we are at home we know exactly where it is, and then we are in our home country, we know that they might be to a certain standard. However, the problem comes when we are travelling and all of a sudden – horror – you NEED to go ASAP and the only place looks like an actual murder scene and smells even worse.

We want to save you from that horror.

There are a few apps that have a large repertoire of toilets, either Bathroom Scout or Flush. They have information of numerous European cities with a database that you can even search offline.

3. Bring a dummy wallet

This may seem like somewhat of an extreme travel hack. Yet, if you have ever had your wallet stolen you would have wished you’d read this before.

Obviously, you should never carry large amounts of cash. Not only would a pick pocketer get all of our money, but also any important documents and cards that are in there.

Therefore, we suggest that you get a dummy wallet. Pop some expired cards in there and pop it in your back pocket.

This hack only makes sense in places that are renowned for the amounts of pick pocketers, and we don’t suggest that you carry a dummy wallet around all day every day.

Alongside ensuring that your real wallet isn’t stolen, also make sure that you don’t flash your expensive gear around too much. Sometimes you know when the time is NOT right to take your expensive DSLR camera out or start flying your drone in huge crowds. There is a time and a place for these things, and if you think you are at risk of them being stolen, you are better off not capturing that moment right then and there.

4. Don’t use the bathroom cups to drink

We all know them. They look crystal clear, and you just want a drink without pouring the water from the bottle all over your face (accidentally of course).

DO NOT. We repeat, do NOT use the glasses that are provided in the bathroom. Not only are they potentially not washed after each stay. If the cleaning lady sees it in exactly the same position, she will potentially not exchange it for a clean one. Additionally, research shows that toilet droplets can end up in the glasses if someone flushes the toilet with an open lid.

Even if the maid DID clean the glasses, what do you think she does that with? She obviously does not go to and from the kitchen to use the dishwasher, she may simply rinse them out and wipe them down.

Just don’t use them, and you won’t risk potentially ingesting poop particles.

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