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Top 4 views on Koh Samui [Bophut & Chaweng]

heart shape mountain seaview koh samui

Are you looking for the top views on Koh Samui, in the Bophut and Chaweng area? Look no further!

We took our trusted scooter on a mad dash to get to all 4 beautiful locations in one day, and man, was it worth it!

As we are currently staying in the Bophut area, we wanted to focus on the stunning views around this area. So the next time you’re in Koh Samui, you don’t have to spend all day travelling across the island, but instead can pick a lovely location for some plane spotting, a drink, or just soaking up some sun.

  1. Khao Hua Jook Pagoda

This stunning buddhist temple overlooks Chaweng Lake. For any of your plane spotters out there, it’s a great location as it also overlooks the airport runway! As it is a religuoous temple, tehre are some rules that you must follow. In general, be respectful for the area, no smoking, littering, over the top PDA. But also, remember that you must have your shoulders covered. They have sarongs available for you to borrow for free. The fee to enter is 20 THB per person, and it is definitely worth it!

khao huajook pagoda
  1. Lat/Lad Ko

Our second view of the day was the Lad Ko Viewpoint. This is nestled just on the side of a main road here in Chaweng? On first glance it doesn’t look like much, but it’s obviously the view that you’re there for! Stunning turqoise waters and lush greenery coming together in perfect harmony. If you’re lucky, the coconut icecream van will be parked up at the side. Why not try a fresh coconut ice cream with some sticky rice & peanuts (our favourite!).

  1. The Jungle Club

This location definitely requires some agility (and a scooter). It is located somewhat difficult to get to, up winding steep hills. Again, high effort – high reward! The place is a very vibey restaurant & bar, where you can have some delicious foods or simply a cocktail (or a fruit smoothie!). You can perch on a little red bean bag, made famous on countless Instagram shots – and just enjoy the stunning view. Need we say more? The photos speak for themselves.

the jungle club koh samui
  1. Heart Shape Mountain Seaview

This place was by FAR the most difficult to get to. Google maps itself seemed confused, but luckily there is (some) signposting. It is towards the same area as the Jungle Club. However, eventually the tarmac ends and you are on a dirt road. A steep one, at that! We are surprised that we didn’t end up with a puncture! It was a bit of an ordeal to get to the top, as you can see in our YouTube video on the Top 4 Views in Koh Samui [Chaweng & Bophut]! When we got to the top, however, it was the most stunning view of them all. Definitely saving the best for last! There is a restaurant at the top where you can have some food, or simply a drink. Additionally, there are a couple of small attractions. One of them being a staircase that goes up to nowhere. Amazing for a video or photograph… less amazing for people with a fear of heights!

Take a look at our YouTube on the Top 4 Views on Koh Samui [Chaweng & Bophut] and let the videos speak for themselves!

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and found it helpful! Let us know if there is ever any other information that we can help with, and we would be happy to oblige! We are so happy to be able to show the beauty of Thailand to you all!

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