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9 tips for feeling fresh on long-haul flights

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We love a trip just as much as everyone else. What we don’t love: the achy back, dry eyes, funny tummy and complete and utter dehydration that often come hand-in-hand with long-haul flight.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of long-haul flight tips; how to keep yourself feeling fresh. Following these tips means that you will arrive at your destination bright eyed and bushy tailed (only with a hint of jetlag).

Jetlag is a whole different story. We’ve put together a list on how to avoid the negative effects of jetlag here.

1. Rest up before your flight

This may seem obvious, but FAR too often do we see others pull an all-nighter in order to “sleep more on the flight” (which hardly ever is the case!).

Make sure you that you have a regular night’s sleep the day before you travel, and if your journey is in the evening, squeeze a little nap in there before you set off. This will ensure that, even if you sleep terribly on the flight, you won’t be so sleep deprived that you can’t function when you land.

2. Eat well

It’s easy to get caught up in the travel fever and have a feast of a high sodium, fatty, alcohol fuelled meal at the airport. On top of this, so many of us buy a few too many snacks for the flight. Instead of eating regular meals, we are now grazing the whole way through the long-haul flight. This is a huge no no! Not only is it terrible for your teeth to eat so regularly but it’s also going to confuse your body, and affect your immune system. One long-haul flight tip is to try to stick to meal times. The airline crew are great at timing these out for you and giving you options that include fruits and vegetables. Try to steer clear of the fast foods before the flight. If you want to eat at the airport before you set off, opt for something that you would normally eat.

Additionally, you may prefer to fast during the flight. There are countless health benefits from short-term fasting, and you may find that this works for you. Read more about the benefits of fasting here.

3. Water, water, water!

Many of us opt for alcohol on the flight. Maybe you are feeling a bit of a pre-holiday celebration, or it’s the fact that it is free, but this is not great for your on-plane health. It will dehydrate you much more than you think. Instead, each time the drinks trolley does the rounds, request water.

Other fizzy drinks (such as Coca-Cola) may feel like they are quenching your thirst, but actually just hype you up on sugar and more caffeine. Water is the way forward.

*COVID update: Due to the risks of ingesting contaminated foods and/drinks, we suggest NOT having ice in any of your drinks on the plane, as these often are in an open container. Ideally, opt for bottled water. You may wish to bring your own water bottle.

4. Keep your eyes fresh

Yes, you read that right. Don’t only opt to drink all the water. Also opt to keep yourself hydrated in other ways. Eye drops are KING on the airplane. If you are anything like us and come off a flight feeling like you have sawdust in your eyes, worry no more. Eye drops are the saviour!

This long-haul flight tip suggests that you should NOT reach for brightening ones but instead opt for some ‘lubricating’ eyedrops. If you are a bit squeamish or uncomfortable about dripping things into your eye then there are eye sprays that you can use. These are very comfortable to spray over closed eyes, hydrating the area.

This one is one that we really like.

5. Hydrate your face

Image: thebraggingmommy.com

All the re-circulated air and stress of flying will have a negative impact on your skin. A sheet mask will definitely do the trick on saving your skin! We love these. Pop them on whilst watching a movie, or reading a book and just have a chill.

If that’s a bit “much” for you, a face mist will also work excellently. Opt for something hydrating, like this one by Heritage Store. There’s no such thing as too much hydration for your skin. It feels so amazing and fresh, and smells beautiful!

6. Sunscreen

You may think “okay, but surely you don’t need sunscreen when you are INSIDE the plane?” Unfortunately, the airplane windows do not protect against harmful UVA rays. Therefore, this long-haul flight tip suggests that you should wear a sunscreen that protects against these (and UVB), ensuring that you reapply every 2 hours, or so.

7. Brush your teeth!

Staying on top of your oral health during a flight may seem obvious, but unfortunately due to the time differences (and the constant snacking) it is something that is often forgotten. Ensure that you either have a toothbrush and a travel toothpaste packed into your hand luggage. This will give you some normality before sleeping on the flight, keeping your night-time routine, or will just help you to freshen up before you descend!

8. How to avoid swollen feet

This long-haul flight tip is a quick fix. Wear compression socks during the flight. You may wish to pack them in your carry-on, and pop them on as soon as you are settled in and comfortable on your flight. Ensure that they go all the way to your knee.

These compression socks will help to reduce the risks of blood-clots, but will also prevent your feet from doubling in size!

9. Move around

This long-haul flight tip goes hand in hand with tip number 8. Make sure you get up at regular intervals and have a little walk up and down the aisle to get your blood moving around. Whilst seated you can do some exercises too.

The following are great:

We hope you found these long-haul flight tips helpful. Try them out next time you take a long-haul flight and walk off the airplane feeling fresh!

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