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Being Comfortable on a Long-Haul Flight

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How To Make A Long-Haul Flight More Comfortable And Start Your Holiday Right

Travelling the world is an exhilarating experience, but the worst part is the initial flight. A long-haul flight can take days to recover from, which eats into your holiday experience.

The 2 Passports 1 Dream team have taken many long-haul flights over the years, so we understand that the struggle is real. We’ve also worked out a range of ways to make the process smoother and more comfortable, which we’re eager to share with you.

So, if you want to make you next long-haul flight a relaxing journey that prepares you for an enjoyable holiday experience, then read on to find our tried and tested tips.

Book Into An Airport Lounge

Travelling on a long-haul flight means not only spending practically a whole day or more on a plane but also being stuck at the airport for hours before your flight.

Getting to the airport early is vital if you want to enjoy a stress-free long-haul travel experience, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sleep on the airport floor or spend hours wandering aimlessly through the duty-free stores.

Instead, book into an airport lounge. These innovative spaces are surprisingly cost-effective and allow you to relax and unwind before your long-haul flight.

You can enjoy a warm shower, a comfortable chair and a selection of tasty treats when you wait for your flight in an airport lounge.

Most lounges have flight timetables on the walls, so you can ensure that you’re still on time for your flight even as you relax in luxury.

Dress Comfortably

When you’re travelling for hours or even days at a time, style goes out the window! Make sure that you dress comfortably and wear loose clothing that will keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your journey.

If you’re travelling from a cold climate to a warm one or the other way around, then you should use layers to adjust your temperature. You can put on more clothes, then take them off as and when you need to so that you always feel great.

Wearing just one warm jumper and insulated trousers means that you might find yourself too warm when you reach your destination. Cardigans, woollen socks and thin tops are your friends; they will allow you to adjust your temperature and stay comfortable throughout your travels.

On top of dressing comfortably, you want to ensure that you make the most of the situation on whatever mode of travel you are taking. For example, if you are taking an overnight bus; get situated in your little area, set up your drinks & snacks, take off your shoes (although make sure you are respectful about this!), pop on your eye mask, inflate your neck pillow, and pop in some earplugs if necessary.

We find that once we set ourselves up, and know where everything is, the journey becomes a lot more hassle-free and comfortable!

If your journey is long, without possible stops in between (like flying in an airplane or an overnight bus which only stops once or twice) make sure you pack some compression socks. This may sound like something that older individuals with poor circulation need to worry about, but they greatly reduce the risk of any blood clots due to remaining seated and stationary for a long period of time. Additionally, they really help with reducing swelling! We all know what it’s like; you get to the end of the flight and pop your shoes back on, only to realise that they hardly fit anymore because your feet are now watermelons! The compression socks will save you from this situation, and they don’t have to look terrible either!

Adjust To Your New Timezone As Soon As You Land

The biggest mistake travellers make when they get off their long-haul flight is to head straight to their hotel and go to sleep.

While you might be feeling exhausted and travel-weary, you should try to adjust to your new timezone from the moment you arrive.

So, if it’s daytime at your destination, then you should get up and start your adventure, no matter how tired you might feel. You can always go to bed early, but you should try to adjust your body clock so that you don’t get the dreaded jet lag!

We find that packing eye masks are very helpful when travelling! Since they shut out most of the light, your body doesn’t struggle to go to sleep as much. This works perfectly as once you wake up, the biggest stint of the travelling may already be completed.

Please read our blog on how to avoid the effects of jetlag if you are travelling between timezones!

Thanks for reading our travel couple blog post on being comfortable on a long haul flight. We hope we brought some clarity to you on this topic. If you are curious about what we bring with us on our travels then check out our gear where you will find everything from the necessities to more luxurious items that we swear by!

At 2Passports1Dream, we love to share our travel tips and insight with you. If you’ve got any queries or ideas, then we’d love to hear from you; comment on this piece or get in touch with us directly!

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