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Hello Everyone! 🌏

We are Adriana and Dylan, a couple of wanderers from Sweden & Wales.

Our love for adventure and for each other has pushed us to pursue our dream lives: travelling and experiencing the globe together. With nothing more than 2 passports… and 1 dream! (and some luggage, of course 😉)

After a year of saving & budgeting whilst working our 9-5 jobs within Dentistry and IT (and various side hustles), we booked two one-way tickets to Thailand and have not looked back! ✈️ Our original plan was to explore SE Asia for a year, but due to pandemic related limitations, we are currently exploring Thailand (but who’s complaining 😉)

We love exploring new places, meeting people, eating ALL the foods, and staying in amazing locations – all whilst on a backpackers budget! Follow us on our journey… and let’s see where we end up.

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