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Hi Guys!

Welcome to our website for tips and tricks while travelling as a couple.

We created this website to provide information and experiences to couples who are currently in or planning to travel around Asia. We both have travelled extensively around the globe from young ages and we would like to share our knowledge with you all.

Let’s start at the beginning! 2Passports1dream has been in the works for more than a year now. As soon as we met we knew that the life we were living was not for us. The first thing we made sure to run past each other when we started dating was that we were NOT staying in the UK, working a 9-5 office job, or suffering through any more dark cold winters that seem to last a lifetime (imagine that as a first date topic!).

This only meant one thing; we had to start saving up and working hard to provide a different future for ourselves. The ‘dream’ was born.

After we moved in together, this really moved up a few notches. We made numerous spreadsheets; expenses to live and travel around Asia, routes to take, and what we need to save each month in order to reach our goals, only to name a few! This really gave us the push to see that it really was possible. With the drive and know-how Dylan was able to quit his 9-5 IT office job, working tirelessly on a digital marketing start-up with his friend. We were halfway there! I (Adriana) continued to work as a Dental Therapist, completing additional courses and training in order to keep myself mentally busy – all whilst putting every penny aside into our travel pot.

With planning and saving come a lot of sacrifices. No more dinners out, no more shopping, no fancy foods, no extras. Since we both have been students for a long time, we know how to live like one… so for us, these were things that we easily gave up for the DREAM.

This website was dreamt up whilst we were in lockdown, with no places to go and no one to see. One of the side effects of being a traveller is definitely getting antsy when being stuck in the same place for too long. Whilst we were ‘stuck’ in Wales, we thought it was the best time to create a place to put all of our information, ideas, photos, and videos that we have created.

We are so excited to get back on the road, and bet you all are too!

We will be sharing our knowledge of places to stay, where to eat and also general guides to make your travels as hassle-free as possible!

While you are here, take a look at some of our latest blogs!

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