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Packing Cubes for Travelling

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Packing Cubes: What Are They And Why Are They A Travel Essential?

Packing is the worst part of travelling- it requires excellent organisation, especially when you’re taking a long journey and need to carry a lot of items.

Once you’ve got everything together and know what you want to take with you, you face the next challenge: getting it all into your bag!

Cramming your precious possessions into your bag can make it lumpy and hard to carry, as well as damaging your property.

Then, when you get to your destination, you’ve got to unpack and find everything you need, which is another challenge you don’t need when you just want to have fun seeing the world.

The team at 2Passports1Dream feel your pain; we’ve been through it enough times ourselves! That’s why we’re eager to share our experiences using a novel innovation to save ourselves time and effort: the travel packing cube.

What Is A Travel Packing Cube?

A travel packing cube is effectively a bag that goes inside your suitcase and allows you to store your possessions neatly and find them again when you unpack.

They come in a variety of sizes, so you can store everything from clothes to toiletries and beyond in your travel packing cubes. You don’t have to use just one; in fact, we’d recommend that you use several to make packing and unpacking a smooth and swift process.

These are the packing cubes that we use when we are travelling! Super sturdy, easy to use and keep clean – our travels have never been this organised before!

What Are The Benefits Of A Travel Packing Cube?

Travel packing cubes offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • They save space in your hold and carry-on luggage
  • It’s easy to find the items you need when you store them in a travel packing cube
  • Your items won’t get damaged as you can safely stow them in the compartments of your travel packing cube
  • You can keep items like cosmetics separate so that there’s no risk of a spillage ruining everything in your bag
  • Small items won’t roll around in your bag

How You Can Use A Travel Packing Cube To Save Yourself Time

When you’re packing, you should designate a packing cube for each type of item- clothes, swimwear, paperwork, cosmetics etc.

Once you know what is going in which travel packing cube, you can start filling them with the items you want to take on your trip.

Then, once a packing cube is full, you can put it into your bag. Each packing cube will fit neatly, as most of the travel packing cubes on the market are a similar shape. Take a look at The Daily Grog’s blog on packing light for travelling.

Choose travel packing cubes of different colours and styles, so that you can quickly tell which cube contains which items. Alternatively, you can use a label maker to show what each cube contains.

When it comes to unpacking, you can simply identify the travel packing cube you need and grab it. You’ll never have to root around in your suitcase again when you use travel packing cubes!

The packing cubes help SO much, but are really optimised when you have a bag that is also easily packed and unpacked. We use these bags when we are travelling. Not only do they hold A LOT, but come in various sizes.

The large is perfect for Dylan, whist the medium size suits smaller frames better. They open from the side like a duffel bag, but are carried just like backpacks, which means that there can be no sneaky unzipping by others whilst it is on your back!

They come in a range of colours, but we are both obsessed with the yellow ones, as it looks like you are carrying pure sunshine on your back!

If you’ve enjoyed this article and have something you want us to cover on 2Passports1Dream, then feel free to reach out to us and share your ideas and travel experiences!

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